Easy Diet Tips

by Tina on June 4, 2012 1 Comment

According to the Ministry of Health, 2009, the obese person spends about $ 1,429 of medical care more than people with normal weight. Obesity also increases the vulnerability of many lifestyle diseases. So you better take a picture now, and get ready to remove all those extra pounds, while there is still time, otherwise prepared to shell out more money for health care costs.

Easy Weight Loss Diet Tips to lose weight and trying to lose weight? Continue to drop the tank? Here are some simple and easy tips to help you lose weight:

  • Calculate BMR: Calculate how many calories your body needs to function properly. Basal metabolic rate (BMR) to help calculate the correct amount. BMR = body weight (kg) x 15 + (minutes of moderate activity a day) x 3.5 after the BMR calculated, set a target of 500 calories less than the calculated BMR.
  • Watch the portion size ...
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Diet and the Foods to Eat

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We know the benefits of healthy eating and all the nutrients necessary for our body to function well. We also have ideas that good source of vitamins are mainly fruits, vegetables and meat. A lot of us put so much effort to eat those foods for the sake of having healthy body but really don’t have much idea why those foods are healthy and what nutrients can we get out of it. Here we will discuss a few things concerning all the healthy foods and its benefits. You can read more about this on diet-solution-program.com.  Here are the top 5 most basic foods you should eat when you are on a diet and especially if you want to achieve a healthy body.

CEREALS - we get good source of carbohydrates with it. Carbohydrates give us energy for our daily tasks.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - this is the most abundant source ...

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